Do you ever wonder what I really think of you? Does it matter? Will it matter?

It probably isn’t important and considering what you are going through in your life, perhaps, you shouldn’t care anyway.

Somehow, though you may not care and though you have more important things on your mind, I rather suspect you are just a tad curious.

So, shall I tell you what I think of you?

Well, I will.

Come, sit with me. Cozy up. Lighten up. Listen carefully, at least, for a moment.

It’s not just what I think, it’s also what I see.

I see a jewel. Hinting its brilliance, ever so dimly, beneath a heap of coal. Deep beneath a mountain of debris, pulsating with the rhythm of a distance runner and emblazoned with the heat of beauty.

I see a soul searching for his way out. A heart beating with passion and zeal. A young man full of promise and ambitions but frightened by shadows of his past and burned by the heat of life lived in the face of youthful exuberance.

I see an undefeated spirit crouching with energy, pulsating with thoughts and engaging in strategies ready for his future.

I see the unveiling of purity, the embracing of virtues and the realization of beautiful dreams. I see strength stolen from the jaws of weakness and self-fulfillment entrenched in a life reborn.

I see you a little more than you see yourself: confident. Strident. Winning.

But, more than that. I see you fulfilling your dreams. I see you marching forward with boldness, reaching out and taking hold of that which is rightfully yours.

I hear your cries. I feel your aches. I even feel the smoldering of your sinews and the dripping hot bile within that turn bitter with each disappointment.

I hear the mocking laughter of the restless spleens that boil with pleasure each time a stumble.

Yet, through it all, I feel the pulse of the lion heart that is slowly emerging to shape your future.

I want you to know that your future has not been written yet and that the best is yet to come.

When your new story is written, it will be a shining testimony of life accomplished and hurdles overcome. Your star may not shine too brightly now, but you are young and the embers will continue to smolder. The glint of brilliance will burst through and you, my dearest, will embrace success.

Just stay focused. Just adjust your sails to catch the wind and, on its wings, soar.

So, shall I tell you what I think of you? Ah! Yes of course. I think you already know.

So, soar, my friend. Look. Look and see, The die is cast and the ledge no more.

Destiny calls!