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The Maze Called Life – by Barr. Yvonne

THE MAZE CALLED LIFE! This article is inspired by the depression most of us have thought our way into without even realizing the futility of the venture of having Life all figured out. In fact, the uncertainty this maze we call “life” brings, despite its frailty at the end, has sucked many into self-torture and …

Radical Rambles

Violence – The Noble Wand of Creation

Now, come you all, pray, tell, wherewithal life and evolution without violence? Wherewithal, creation without destruction? How are we supposed to advance unless we destroy the old? And, how do we elevate unless we view, with destructive disdain and creative contempt, that which is? In its place, we recreate, rebuild a glorious and enduring totem …


In The Family of Strangers

When they demand a pattern of life and individual taste differs When the collective exists as a mosaic patchwork of norms and the one is isolated Many hearts break and men suffer in silence. The sobs of the heart heave in privacy and the closet, my palace and my fortress Down the avenues of convention, …