In the first article on Life series titled; “the maze called Life”, we expounded on the point that the journey through life is in fact a maze. The author made salient points that can be summed up as follows:

  • Life is a Journey
  • No one really gets to figure life out before the inevitable end of all humans – Death
  • No one has a blueprint of what his/her life is meant to look like. In fact, we all are figuring it out as we go.

This second series focuses on showing the reader that each life choice he/she makes, will for a fact, bring about a different life outcome. It is like a pattern that once you fix the wrong pattern, the sequence of events that follow, automatically changes.

Now walk with me here, please.

The Road Not Taken

Ever wondered what your life would have been like if you did not get that degree? Would you have been at the point that you are today, or do you imagine that it would have been different?

Okay! Let us make it a bit personal: if you had not visited that location at the time you did and in the year that you did, would you have met that person that is your spouse today? Would you have even known they existed? On the flip side, would they have been capable of disrupting your life (in a good or bad way) the way they did today?

These are some of the blessings and lessons that our pursuit of life never stops us in our tracks to consider. The fact that your life could have gone the complete opposite way (for good or bad) if you hadn’t said yes, or taken a particular decision, or chosen a different path, or acted the way that you did at the very moment that you did.

Why then, do many not count the blessings? Or learn from the lessons their life’s journey brought their way?

Yet, whilst many are thankful, they are breathing, others consider it pointless because of their perceived or society imposed expectation that is driving them towards suicidal tendencies, another group of persons grapple at the thought and caress the hope of seeing just one more day, or a new opportunity to breath on their own without oxygen nozzles plugged into their air tract to facilitate the process while the hospital bed turns them bald, or some part of them only now functional with the aid of some medical technology that is the outcome of research and for a price that the value does not matter anymore provided it gave them a new shot at life.

Alas! one man’s aspirations are the center of another man’s discontentment.

Got a clear picture yet? Get this, your life could have been completely different if the time, cause and effect had been different even by a nanosecond.

So, always remember, it could have been worse.


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