Bethel Erastus, PhD

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Radical Rambles

Re-Inventing Myself

Re-Inventing Myself                                                             04.27.2020 On a dew-covered, warm Sunday morning, in the summer of 1981, the young Preacher gingerly mounted the pulpit and softly delivered a heartfelt sermon to his congregation. Mostly made up of civil servants, academics and, entrepreneurs, the worshipers listened, intently, as the charming preacher spoke, as it were, from the heart. His …


Sheltering in Place

This virus and this global pandemic, like all calamities that have come before, will pass. It will run its course. It will have the effect it is designed to have. Then, it will pass into the annals of history. Life will re-emerge in a new and hopefully, better form. We shall speak of it often. …


…Seduce Me

Come. Come close. Closer. Hover. Sit. Sit down. Slowly. Gently Sit tight. Sit warm. Warmer Lean back. Lean across. Stretch. Horizontal. Slowly. Gently. Gingerly. Softly. Whisper. Coo. Breathe…softly but, with gusto…as to ready for warmth… Blow me a kiss. Blow it into my eyes and lips. Smile. Gently. Smoothly and with…hesitation but…with…your eyes too. Hold …