This article is inspired by the depression most of us have thought our way into without even realizing the futility of the venture of having Life all figured out. In fact, the uncertainty this maze we call “life” brings, despite its frailty at the end, has sucked many into self-torture and depression because it seems to be a cycle of insincerity that we have all been put up to. These necessitate salient questions that we will answer hereunder;

  • What really is this life about?
  • Do we really figure life out before our inevitable end?
  • Is there anyone who truly has a blueprint of what his/her life is meant to look like?

The answer to all these posers remains extant and, in some cases, unknown. Yet, many tarry in this search.

A search for fulfillment, a search of individually perceived satisfaction which in the end, never ends well but for the health struggles it leaves. I will put a futility emoji here if I could to express the point that the self-imposed torture, depression, and other mental strain that leave one with migraine and its health relatives is really unnecessary.

This is because, let’s face it, Life is a Journey and NO ONE HAS GOT IT ALL FIGURED OUT! History bears this out.

Yes! Its intentionally written in caps with the tiny wish that the reader can, for a moment there, extricate herself from all the motivational speaking that we religiously ingest.

These, often, spur one into action towards the unending cycle of having life figured out without taking a break to realize that the so-called motivational speakers are doing nothing short of what their description entails “Motivating!” So…STOP!

Stop the cycle of chasing everything you have been motivated to pursue in the hope that they will satisfy you. You must realize that humans’ innate desire of attaining self-satisfaction in the way we hope is really an insatiable venture.

The reason being that when one eventually attains what they had hoped will quench that thirst, another even higher quest is thought up and is pursued. So, the cycle goes on and on until they tire out and eventually leave the race when they tire out or give up the ghost whilst on the pursuit.

Ironically, everything that happens from their last breath, no matter how well thought out and planned, is really up to the living. In other words, the living controls the dead.

Does that mean I am encouraging laziness and asking people to sleep through life by this article? The answer is No! Have you ever heard the saying; “when in Rome, behave like a Roman?

What that simply means, as far I can tell, is that one should be adaptable and fluid. So, aspire and work towards what you want.

However, be gentle with yourself. Do not throw yourself at the altar of self-jeopardy because, in reality, no one knows when they have attained contentment. Rather, what happens is that most people, at some point in their lives, pat themselves on the back and assure themselves that they have achieved a lot.

The said point is usually marked by age and in some cases, awards bestowed on them. These are often translated to “people noticed my hard work, so now I can rest”.

The fact remains that despite these realities, no one really admits they are just figuring this journey of life out as they go. This is unhelpful because it puts the younger generation and upcoming ones in the tragic maze of figuring it out based on what the society expects of them or the motivational teachings they have received with both arms open.

For these, I hope this article will provide some illumination and help us to understand that many, including the mentors, the so-called motivational speakers and family members that are well educated are all figuring life out and are simply imposing expectations on the rest of us.

So, don’t wear yourself thin. You will inevitably regret it. Rather, enjoy every step of the ride because failing to do so now will be the source of your regret when you have accepted a particular point as your “having achieved point” and by then, it will be late, perhaps, by reason of age or other debilitating factors.

Like an anonymous author wrote “Don’t base your decisions on the advice of people who don’t have to deal with the results” and Stevie Wonder reiterated the same, by saying “you can’t base your life on other people’s expectations”.


 – The Wordsmith.


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