All knowledge is a construct and a reflection of the prevailing prejudice or bias. There’s nothing to indicate that any knowledge is preferable to another except by its accepted outcome and ability to better lives or suiting the motives of the player. Knowledge is a dumb waiter that frees as much as it imprisons. Yet, it is the very key that opens all secrets because it is a State of mind. 

Of all the children of nature, knowledge is the most enduring and the most faithful. It is also the one that abides deeply in the hermetics, preferring, instead, to be pursued. She does nothing to seduce neither does she even uncover her face to entice the senses. One must seek her abode and excavate her hiding. Even then, her value is not manifest. She reveals not her flavor nor does she cajole with her aroma. She must be sought after, pursued, encountered, examined and tasted. Only then will she reveal her savor but only in the outcome of her application or the drenching of the senses. 

Yet, when the full value of her refinement is felt, she has the power to alter the trajectory of all things, all men, all destinies. She is the ultimate competitor that Sanctifies as she nurtures. Totally passive, she impregnates, energizes, invigorates, humbles and condemns. Pursuing her begets immortality. Ignoring this passive and reclusive bride is the ultimate doom. Who can wallow in ignorance of her? She is the most reluctant of brides and is loyal to none but her self. The equal opportunities seductress. Knowledge is the ultimate androgynous gigolo. She makes all things and makes all things possible. Without her, nothing can be. With her, all things are possible. 

She’s swift in her judgement and unforgiving in transgressions. Yet, she waits patiently and watches as her consort, ignorance, visits havoc on those who shy away from her. 

Knowledge is the ultimate aphrodisiac. She is the ultimate mistress and the recalcitrant consort. She is the golden crown that makes a man a king and the crowning glory of all endeavors. Yet, she changes with time and is never the same for too long. Leave her unexamined and she will disappoint you. Pay attention to her and she will show you the turning hands of time, revealing both her cunning and the secret of the ages that she hides. It is all in her bosom. It is all hers to deliver but she is a most dispassionate lover. 

Thus, the purpose of life, it would seem, is the pursuit of knowledge. The meaning of life is knowledge exercised in wisdom and, along the way, we have the companionship and exhilaration of living and a fleeting idea of what is possible. Each refined realized possibility greater than the one before. 

Is there a better or clearer guarantor of immortality than this inducer of chameleons?

Of course, where would knowledge be without its forerunner, the catalyst, curiosity?

She is the one that stirs the appetite and provides the path to her. She, it is, that stirs the soul as she rides the wake of it with her mocking and accusing finger. She induces discomfort and feeds the vagaries of discovery. She pampers as she quickens and engages as she drip-feeds with the fragments of knowledge. Curiosity is the cloak that guards the vanity of knowledge and ensures that only the initiate: those with a genuine interest are admitted to the hallowed and meandering undulating highway of knowledge. Once past her gates, knowledge embraces. 

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