-To be wealthy: – Be generous

-To succeed: – Serve.

-To laugh: – Have a sense of humor – make others laugh.

-To prosper: – Be honest.

-To excel: – Practice

-To go far: – Get up early.

-To change someone: – Change yourself.

*-To be great: – Be disciplined *

-To be strong: – Take a risk.

-To do a lot: – Speak less.

-To be fruitful: – Engage

-To live well: – Forgive.

-To speak well: – Bind anger.

-To talk well: – Rise above it

-To sleep well: – Work hard.

-To be loved: – Love.

-To be a good husband: – Listen more to her.

-To be a good wife: – Be a good friend.

-To be respected: – Be polite.

-To bind evil: – Cleanse yourself.

-To grow in faith: – Seek solitude and meditate.

-To be fit: – Eat and exercise well.


Love, like respect and trust, is always earned

Position is conferred. Leadership rises. Freedom is always taken and never given even when it appears so. It is, always, a choice.

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