In Cyber Space

Do not look for me online. I am not there. Do not call out for me in outer space.
I cannot and will not hear you.

Do not fire emails in all directions hoping to find me. They won’t get very far. Look again in your inbox. It says ‘address unknown”.

Forget social media. I’m not there. Facebook anonymous knows not my name

Instagram or Tick Tock, I don’t exist and, as for LinkedIn, well, I am invisible.

You left when I longed most for your presence. You went away without so much as a farewell song.

Even in the frenzy of our dance, you were cold. My lips quivered at the presence of Jack Frost. And yet, the logwood stood its ground, aloof and without warmth.

I pity you, my friend, with the fire of singularity. I admire you, my love, with the isolation of the uncommitted.

I see you now for what you really are and realize, with rue, all the time I wasted with you.

You look on with detachment while I burn up with both desire and affection.
You can do nothing else for a stone cannot spew water.

So do not look for me, my friend. I have set sail on the wings of the wind.

Our goodbyes shall ever wait until the 12th of never. Our handshakes never were.

Look, my friend, look and see. With the blank coldness of your thoughts and the company of Jack Frost for warmth, you have set us free.


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I am an apostate puritan and a lost soul, so to say. I am also an active researcher in law and artificial intelligence. Check me out on LinkedIn and my other website -