Come. Come close. Closer. Hover. Sit. Sit down. Slowly. Gently

Sit tight. Sit warm. Warmer

Lean back. Lean across. Stretch. Horizontal. Slowly. Gently. Gingerly. Softly.

Whisper. Coo. Breathe…softly but, with gusto…as to ready for warmth…

Blow me a kiss. Blow it into my eyes and lips. Smile. Gently. Smoothly and with…hesitation but…with…your eyes too.

Hold back a bit. Unsure. Lock eyes with me. Search my face. Search it for the unspoken and the yearns. Say it. Slowly and softly. Say it again with certain gyration. Hush the words. Just speak as only actions will.

The lips. Lock them in quivering warmth. Lock them as if in eternity. Then…part. Slowly. Patiently. Only to lock again with fierce desires

Silence. Golden. Scary. Exciting. Hushes. Soft, enticing hushes.

Draw a breath or two. Savor the aroma of my being and the expectations of our presence. Close your eyes again. Snuggle. Snuggle deep and warm. Within.

Allow me the bristle of your torso and the warm ecstasy of your breath.

Let me feel the rising of the hair on your neck with subdued excitement. Guide my fingers. Let them stroll, with abandonment, through the canals of imagination and explore the deep recesses of the mine shafts.

Hold your breath. Let it go with subdued whispers of sweet nothings. Coo. Gently in your sighs. Shift. Rearrange yourself on the runway. Shift your torso and position for askance delights.

Let me approach. With unfused ease. Steady on. Steel yourself for the undulate sways. The pull and the push. The envelope and the discard. The gushing of the waters. The rock and the roll.

Time. Time. The bringer of jollity. The healer of wounds. The enhancer of joy.

Steep. Deep in the arms of time. Flavor nondescript. Like no other. Mixed droplets. Intertwining.

Behold the water spouts. Take in the heat of the burst and the dispersing of the sprays

Hold on. Hold tight. Drench the sinews.

Relax. Deep…within. Hold your breath again. A moment. Perhaps, two.

Pant. With joy and that receding palpitation.

Let go. Whoosh it out through the forbidden gates of your mind

Let me in again. Finally. Let me be the one. The only one. Let me sup with you in the coolness of your desires. Your guilty pleasure. Your unspoken desires and your hidden escape.

Let me feel the rising tempo of your heart-beat.

Let me assuage your fears and indulge the forbidden pulses of your thoughts.

Come. Come now. Come along to the embers of my love and witness the unity of our minds. Intertwine. Cleave. Hold. Sway. Gyrate. Swoon. Undulate. Ease up

Pant, again. Pant with mixed feelings. Pant with the release and the fulfillment of your fears. Pant…with unregretted pleasure.

Blend all with mine on the sweet breath of fears abandoned. Throw caution to the wind and on the wings of sweet Cupid lost, seduce me.


Dedicated to the unknown beloved – admired from a distance


—Bethel Erastus-Obilo (c) Reserverd. 2020



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I am an apostate puritan and a lost soul, so to say. I am also an active researcher in law and artificial intelligence. Check me out on LinkedIn and my other website -