The fruits of the morning call and the early dews of time

The look on your face, peaceful. The many words unspoken.

Your heartbeat in steady rhythm pacing. My trembling hands outstretched

The hairs rise on the back of my neck as I observe the torso outstretched.

Your thoughts, blatant on your calm face. Calm. Mine rushing within the whistling of the wind

Your eyes, wide to the embers of love. Fanned. Seducing me with the alluring charming blinks

My fingers running through the strands of hair and feelings that go on forever

The strings of the harps of my heart, tender, plucking endlessly for you.

Our journey began when we found each other and took solace in our emerging fate

Shall fate or life or all unknown now stand between this rapturous bliss?

Let all who will witness my vows and all who will salute the smoldering of love

Let even all the harsh elements of time witness the fire that binds our happy fate.

For as long as you wish it strong, my love for you will always be wild

Until the dawning of time of old and our joy made complete by the union.

Patewood Lines. Copyright Reserved August 2020

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I am an apostate puritan and a lost soul, so to say. I am also an active researcher in law and artificial intelligence. Check me out on LinkedIn and my other website - www.ourmirandarights.com