I long to hear your voice early in the morning before the waking of dawn.

To be re-assured by your presence and have my fears calmed.

My ears await, with eagerness, the sweet softness of your tender tones.

And, my spirit, summoned from the uncertainty of stasis, by the inspiration of your words.

I want to hear you during breakfast before the food of the body hits my system.

To feed on the eloquence of your words and be roused by your gentle thoughts.

To receive first nourishment from your kindness before all else.

And to share, with you, the fruits of the dews of the morning fresh.

I need to hear you at lunchtime when my hard-working body is in need of respite from the chores of the morning.

When my dulled ears are in need of soothing words.

To discern intelligence from the chaos of time and environment.

And to receive the invigorating balm of your thoughts as I await the rest of the day.

I am eager to listen to you before the workday ends and a new battle and journey begin.

To remind me that there are some very important things in life – like you and I.

To fire my imagination about that which we have and for the future to come.

And inspire my desire for your company, sweet, as only you can be.

Your voice must attend me on my way home as I weave through the crowd.

The passion of your thoughts will keep the adrenalin flowing.

There will be added spring in my footsteps.

The dread of the journey only matched by the expectant joy of seeing your face.

I want to hear you at the approach of dusk when the even blends with the hush of the dark.

To be lulled by the gaze of your eyes and the thousand words unspoken.

To be watered by your love so evident, so deep and real.

As we supp in the rich private splendor and comfort of our blend.

I want to hear you at bed-time when our weary bodies no longer sustain our wake.

When our embrace is gentle and our cuddle is warm and soft.

When the mask of slumber overshadows us, love’s passion drenching our weary souls.

Your heart beats constant and assuring, your love, present and, sublime.

I want to hear you in your actions, your looks, your gait and, your presence.

I hope you too have these desires and urges and that mine alone competes.

I want to be all I can be to you and re-assure you with unstinting companionship.

The wonder of feeling and the joy of love, of being wanted and decidedly, needed.

Soft as the distills of the morning dew. Whispers as of the gentle meanders of the meadows.

Soothing as the balms of healing,

I hear you.

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I am an apostate puritan and a lost soul, so to say. I am also an active researcher in law and artificial intelligence. Check me out on LinkedIn and my other website - www.ourmirandarights.com