Awake, awake O! Daughter of Zion
Arise and shine O! Damsel of the valleys
Put on your robe of smile with warmth
Dress up in the royal tunic of mirth
Say onto the mirror, ‘you are blessed’
And to your shadow, ‘I am a jewel’
Speak softly to your heart the words of comfort
And to your spirit, the words of victory.
Seek out from among men they of high virtue. And surround yourself with the armor of grace
Say to the foothills of the Mountains, ‘defend my honor’
Whisper to the cool meadow springs, ‘flow on in peace’
There are three things that will capture your gaze
Four that will make your heart leap for joy.
One is for trust unfeigned in the living God
Two is for open mind and unblemished thoughts

Three is to love without desire and tenderness without a guile.

Four is to give as you hope to receive

In the midst of the race for life, some tenderness, some joy, verbalis nobili.

Lift up your head O! Beautiful clay of the mountains
Look no more for the assuaging of the fathers
But stand your ground and dance to the rhythm of your heart.
Say to the foothills of Zion and to the brooks of the valleys ‘I am one with you”
The race is to the brave and victory to the noble-hearted.

The crown is to the enduring: for wisdom attends knowledge and understanding crowns eternity.

Stretch out the scepter of life
And drink deep from the fountains of goodness.
Listen out for the call of the loved ones
Learn again to tell the difference
Hasten not to the abandonment of the strings of life

And cleave, dearly, to the evolution of knowledge

O! Jeweled daughter of the Fall, His mercies ever flow!!

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I am an apostate puritan and a lost soul, so to say. I am also an active researcher in law and artificial intelligence. Check me out on LinkedIn and my other website -