Bethel Erastus, PhD

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Radical Rambles

The Ascent of Man?

The startling point is that we have not detected, by any means known to man, whether or not lower life forms have any appreciable degree of intelligence beyond what we know. The gravamen is whether they happily accept their fate of diminished awareness as we think. Evidence shows that humans appear to be the only …


The Enigma of Knowledge

All knowledge is a construct and a reflection of the prevailing prejudice or bias. There’s nothing to indicate that any knowledge is preferable to another except by its accepted outcome and ability to better lives or suiting the motives of the player. Knowledge is a dumb waiter that frees as much as it imprisons. Yet, …


Will You Remember Me?

I learned to see you as a distant, detached subject, clinging to the dogma taught I endured the pain of your frost and indifferent friendship with commitment I grew to love you for what you are and as presented even against the truth blatant The rose of our dalliance sprouted in full elegance and bloomed …


The Solipsist Manifesto

There is the frosting of affection, the absence of love and a vacuum of nexus. There is no lasting friendship and water always finds its level. Do not fool yourself with illusions of an eternal fraternity or fleeting love. Let not your noble heart burn with desires of amity nor deceive it with loyalty built …