Bethel Erastus, PhD

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Radical Rambles


The Final Doxology And finally, the day came. I closed my eyes and ceased my singing. My chest no longer heaving, I lay still to move no more. My limbs now in stasis, rest, my voice no longer stirring the air. All around me, the howls of despair and the shrill howls of my own. …


In The Company of Strangers

The touch that aroused curiosity The look that cut through the identities of life Rising from the ashes of ignorance Venturing, with a lisp, into the embrace of a disarming disrobing Purloined from the bashful secrets and cajoled by an emergent strange face with muttered whisperings Strolled, stomped, energized, silenced In my ensuing stupor, all …


Walk Away

Do not draw near to me anymore so as to tease Do not even throw a passing glance in my direction Walk on by with the gait of a Gazelle Ignore all that we shared in the quiet moments alone. Attempt not to remember my face in a crowd of strangers Allow me the joy …