Do not draw near to me anymore so as to tease

Do not even throw a passing glance in my direction

Walk on by with the gait of a Gazelle

Ignore all that we shared in the quiet moments alone.

Attempt not to remember my face in a crowd of strangers

Allow me the joy of my isolation in the coldness of the night

The company of chosen ones shall, of course, attend you

They are many that gather for you at the watering hole

You dance to protect the heart

While holding out for the desired face and nature

The voice of reason whispers from the watching circles

You, of course my dear, hold the four aces

We meet to spend the stolen moments together

But only just enough time for teasing dances

Your feelings of guilt and the language of shame

The watchers, of course, are always on the prowl.

They look out for you lest you dash your foot

And seek to exploit every unusual move

They watch like hawks every move we make

For your sake and for your future, you must walk away now.

I watch silently as you attend to your day

And wish any moment that I could embrace you

I observe with intense jealousy your relationship with them

But our heads tell us you must walk away.

Go your way my friend, abandon this dalliance.

And think nothing of the lonely heart you leave behind

Find your pastures and attend to your future

My heart beats for you, but you must go away.

With a deep pain in my heart, I bid you good morrow

I salute, with resignation, your determination to flee

My bed of thorns and the harps of the heart

No one feels, no one plays,

No one hears my soft sobs even as you just walk away.

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I am an apostate puritan and a lost soul, so to say. I am also an active researcher in law and artificial intelligence. Check me out on LinkedIn and my other website -